Lower Tier Central
aka Candy Sector

This area is towards the lefthand end of the lower tier, to the right of the Anarchy sector.

Lower Tier Central RH

Righthand section

1. Teeny Tots (5)

2. Tiny Tots (5)

3. Jelly Tots (5)

4. Top Totty (5)

5. A Bit of Totty (6a)

Candy Sector

Lower Tier Central - Candy Sector topo

1. Flossy’s Slab (6a+)

2. The Candyman (6a+)

3. Toy Story (6a)

4. Suck on This (6a+)

5. Jelly Beans (6a+)

6. Smartie People are Happy People (6a)

7. Candy Store (6a)

8. Hello Little Girl (6a)

9. Tempting Children (6c+)

10. Would You Like a Sweety (6c)

11. Bolts ‘R Us (6a+)

12. Litter is Me (6a+)

13. Sing for Your Dinner (6b+)

14. Do Little (6a)

15. Much Too Young ()

16. Playground Bully (6b+)

Totti for England (4)
Not on topo - to R