Sumo Sector

The Sumo sector is on the lower tier, just to the left of the Kamikaze sector.

1. Riding Shogun(6b))

2. Shang-Hai (6b)

3. Kamikaze Clone (6a+)

4. The Rising Sun (5)

5. Hong Kong Fewy (6a+)

6. The Golden Goose (6a)

7. Setting Sons (6a)

8. Saweno Gancho (6c) ★

9. Geisha Grooves (6a)

10. A Nip in the Air (6b)

11. Sumo (7a) ★

12. Nagasaki Grooves Two (6b)

13. Outside Tokyo (6b)

14. The Jap's Eyes are on You (6b+)

Further right are three more routes. From R to L:

1. The Bullet (7a) difficult wall.

2. Jokoharma VS (5a) flake crack in scoop just left.

3. Picture This (6a) + pleasant slim pillar. Worthwhile

4. Fuji Fantastic (6a) steep slim wall