Long Wall

railway buttress 1 topo

The first wall is set at a higher level

1. Express Decision (5) the arete

2. Virgin Crack VS 4c the crack

3. Ariva (5+) short but good

4. Timetable Failure (5) slightly easier to the right


This is the wall left of the main section with a sleeper sticking out of its top.

1. Sleeping Sickness (6b) slim groove and short wall on left Rebolted and new belay

2. My Bed’s Downstairs (6b) ★ the pleasant face left of centre Rebolted and new belay

3. Insomnia (6b)

4. Braking Bad (6b+) ★ NEW overlap and arete. Good

5.Sleep On It (6b) ★ slim wall on the right with a tricky start and central section Rebolted and new belay

6. Moabi (6a) NEW pillar to the right

7. Waas it? (5+) NEW arete on the Right

1. Regulo Mark 6 (6b+) ★ the finale route with tricky moves about both the first and second ledges.

2. Easy on the Gas (6a) ★ easier to the left with on awkward move at the top.

3. The Pillar Talk (6a+) ★ a fine wall taken direct on the line of bolts. Tricky finale direct.

4. The Pillar Walk (5+) the pillar crack via a two-thirds height ledge.

5. Have we Addit (6a+) pleasant with a crux at half height

6. Addit and Scarper (6b) ★ the cracks just to the left lead to a technical headwall.

7. You’ve Addit (6a+) ★ from just left of the addit cave, twin thin cracks and an easier headwall.

8. Addit enough (5+) begins just right of the addit cave. Easy at first with one tricky move at the top.

8a. Longchamps (6a)

9. Addit Pillar (6a+) the thin pillar face on the walls to the left after a dusty start.

Long Wall RH topo

10. Novicok Stone (6a+) the short wall heading for the wide crack above

11. The Long Goodbye (6a) the shallow groove, crack and arete

12. Flexor Hallucis Longus (6b) ★ the arete to the left finishing via a final bulge.

13. Long Walk off a Short Pier (6a) ★ starts via the prominent block and trends leftwards to a finial difficult flourish on the headwall.

14. Tooooo Long (5+) ★ good face climbing starting via the crack right of the block.

15. Longevity (6b) ★ the blank-looking face to the left gives a myriad of holds and a tough pull over the overlap at the start.

16. Knight of the Long Knives (6b) pleasant technical face.

17. Long Time No See (6a) ★ starts via a crack and give pleasant slabby face climbing above.

18. The Long Walk (6b+) ★ difficult lower bulge to pleasant face above, always interesting to the top.

19. So Long, Farewell (6a) slightly harder direct and starting just right of a crack.

No Farewell (5) direct line to awkward move over bulge. Use belay on left

20. Belonging (5+) pleasant face with good climbing.

21. A Dea (6a) ★ pleasant face after the big flake start

22. Doh (6b) ★ short technical lower wall above ‘Homer block’ leads slightly leftwards to easier encrusted upper face.

Crustyless (5+) edge of flake to ledge and short wall. Pleasant

23. Crustyland (6b) new wall and bulge on the right. Pleasant.

24. Woo Hoo (5) the slabby wall at the right-hand side of the cliff

25. Have Another Cow (4) easy route on the right