Dark Side Right-Hand

Dark Side Centre 2022

1. The Dark Half (6b)
2. Graveyard Blues (6a+)

3. In Stark Contrast (6b+)
Totally Stark (6b+)
Just R of In Stark Contrast to its belay.

4. Ghost Writter (5+)

5. Under the Lifeline (6b)

6. Over the Deadline (6b)

7. Automatic Writing (6a)

8. Fools Stuffing (6a+)

9. Pillars of Wisdom (6b)

10. No Wisdom (6b+)

11. The Invasion of the Creepazoids (6c)

12. Later that Night (6b)

13. Mourning Blues (6c+)

14. Gashcombe (5)

15. The Coming of the Sparrows (5+)
16. The Flight of the Finches (6c)

Dark Side Righthand

Flight of the Coming Sparrow (5+)
Thiis climbs the wall on the left edge of this topo.

1. Stop the Pigeon (6b+)
Slabby and technical wall to blocky rib.

2. Pigeon Couped (6b)
The thin crack, short wall and upper pillar.

3. Ken Dodd’s Dad’s Dog’s Dead (HVS 5b)
Crack to belay of Gathering Darkness.

4. Gathering Darkness (6c+)
Start below a shelf down and left of the first bolt. Gain the shelf and continue up more easily until a short traverse right gains undercuts. Reach up left then back right and up to a break. Moves lefthard gain the belay. 4 BRs.

5. A Trip on the Dark Side (6b)
Long route via wall and upper rib BBs on the right.

6. Bolt Wars (6b+)

7. Trad Wars (HVS 5a)
No belay.

8. Feel My Presence (6b+)
Starts in corner then right and up via sharp arête.

9. Tapenard (6a+)
Front face then leftwards finale.

10. Half and Half (6a)
obvious cleaned line finishing via slim corner.

11. Wild Olive (6b+)
Climb up the vague groove to the excellent wall and rib above. Passing the mid height overlap directly requires a very long reach though most opt for a short detour left and then back right.

12. Gorignak (6b)
Climb a short, right facing corner to a small roof just below the second bolt. Go over this and continue up the wall to a short finishing arête.

13. Galaxy Quest (6a)
Long crackline and narrow sharp rib.

14. Omega 13 (6a+)
Long route starting via crack to wall and rib.

15. Dr Lazarus (6a+)
Crack and wall finishing slightly right. Short but worthwhile.

Darkside Right Central

11. Flight of the Finches (6c)
Technical lower face and pillar above.

12. The Coming of the Sparrows (5+)
Slabby wall, obviously cleaned, tricky start.

13. Later that Night (6b)
Right-hand of three pillars via upper crack.

18. Get a Grip on your Short Side (6b+)
Takes the right-hand side of the wall to a tough finale.