The Playground

The Playground topo 1

1. Edge Play (5)
Left-hand side of slim groove. Poor.

2. Play Doh (6a)
Right-hand wall of groove with a tricky little start.

The Playground topo 2

3. Helter Skelterer (6a+)
Pleasant face above tricky start.

4. Pachucho Cadaver (6a)
Shallow groove system and wall.

5. Hard Player (6b+)
Steep nose with big rock-over move. Easier above.

6. I’m not a Player (4)
Shallow groove and crack. Sparsely bolted.

7. Playground Attraction (7a+)
Technical crack and face.

8. The Hex (6c+)
Tricky crack soon easing.

9. Ripsaw (6c+)
Pleasant blunt arête. Right to belay.

10. Terror of the Towers (7a)
Desperate face.

The Playground topo 3

11. Whose is Casey (6a)
Slim face with tricky central section.

12. Leben Tod (6a+)
Left-hand side of slim arête.

13. Spinball Wizzard (6b)
Flat front face.

The Playground topo 4

14. Hamlet Prince of Players (6a+)
Steep face utilizing right arête.

15. William’s Plays Shakespeare (6a+ )
Face and arête with steep finale

16. Flog the Lume (6a)
Face using arête.

17. A Comedy of Played Errors (6a+)
An arête with a high first clip and steep moves.

18. Benvolio (5)

19. Did Romeo Play (4)
A easier arête.

20. Will Juliet (6a+)
Another arête in the back of the face. Don’t use the crack on the left.

21. A Merchant Played in Venice (4)
Yet another arête on right.