Anarchy Sector
aka Lower Tier Left

Anarchy Sector

To the left are Arteaclism (6a+) the sharp arête, Wallaclism (6b) a leftwards line from grassy ledge and Thankyou Grooves (5) ★★ a long slim isolated groove 20m to the left again. To the right of Thankyou Grooves is Mercy, Merci Me (6a)

1. End of Watch (5)

2. Overbored (6b)

3. It Bleeds (6b)

4. Let it Bleed (6b)
go slightly to the left to a shared belay

5. Getting the Groove (5)

6. Anachronism (5+)

7. Truculent Anarchist (6a)

8. Mine Anarchy (6a)

9. Only Ken’s Anarchy Will do (6b)

10. Always Break the Rules (5+)

11. Snap Decision (5+)

12. Anarchy in the UK (5+)

13. Bedrock Paradox (5)

14. UK Subs (6a)

15. UB Subs (6a)