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SportClimbs UK is one of the oldest, online, sport climbing guides in the world and has been online for well over a decade. It’s still the only major online topo guide for the UK and currently has 519 pages. It’s a free, not for profit endeavour, and doesn’t rely on commercial advertising. If you’d like to show your appreciation a donation to Gary’s bolt fund is a great way to do so. If you’d like to supply new route or crag information please get in touch.


  • Lammergeyer Buttress - this fingery, steep wall is popular for those who like short desperates.
  • Harpur Hill - has new topos for the Exclusion Sector on the upper tier and Railway Buttress (Long Wall).
  • Witches Point - in SE Wales has new topos and more pages with 2 more cliffs.
  • Masson Lees - Matlock, has several new topos and a new layout map.
  • Mermaid Walls - in The Gower have 2 new topos.
  • Two Tier Buttress - Cheedale has new topos for the left and upper tiers.
  • Foxhole - in The Gower has a new topo with twice the number of routes on.
  • Watch House Crag - in The Gower has new topos with new routes added.
  • The Embankment - new topos for this popular Cheedale crag.
  • Long Wall - updated with new topos and route descriptions.
  • The Nook - a new topo for Cheedale’s classic roof venue
  • Goddard’s Quarry - New topos along with more routes for the Weasel and Sunshine areas.
  • Upper Tier - Horseshoe Quarry updated with even more new topos.
  • Two and a Half Sister - The Gower, has a new topo with new routes.
  • Rubicon Wall - has had a history and first ascents added. The crag has been split into multiple pages and has a new photo.
  • The Cheedale Cornice - has been updated with new topos, layouts and first ascents.
  • Africa Buttress - Horseshoe Quarry has brand new topos.
  • Smalldale - New topos and layout diagram
  • Noticeboard Crag - on the A55 has a great crop of bolted routes on rhyolite.


PLEASE NOTE: The inclusion of a crag or a route does not imply that you have the right to climb there. Descriptions of climbs and sites may be recorded for historical purposes only. Great effort has gone into this site to ensure that grades and descriptions are correct, but as always, climbers must use their own judgment to ensure that difficulties are within their capabilities and accept the consequences of their decision.

The publisher of this site accepts no responsibility for any errors it may contain, nor liability for any injuries or damages arising from its use. Climbing is a dangerous pastime.

First ascent of On the Stroke of 5000 Gary Gibson on the first ascent of On the Stroke of 5000, his 5000th new route.

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