Violation sector

This is by the far the most popular section of crag on the Escarpment and although the routes are relatively short they pack a punch. There is also an excellent low level traverse from right to left along the foot of the face.

Violation Sector topo

1. Alienation (6c)
Innocuous face with technical moves over bulge. On wall facing crag.

2. Victimization (6b+)
Scoop that’s 6b+ direct and 6b just right.

3. Polarization (6a+)
Crack and groove with awkward entry.

Avatamaska (6b) scooped groove, overlap and short headwall. Good.

4. His Master’s Voice (6c)
Fingery lower wall and overlap to slab

5. Habit of a Lifetime (6c)
Difficult lower overlap and fine above to groove

6. Up a Gum Tree (7a)
Short difficult bulge with easier slab above.

7. Utilizing Eucalyptus (7a)
Requires a long reach through bulge and then direct up slab.

8. S.o.F.Bs Country (6c+)
Tricky bulge and wall. Slim groove to finish.

9. Project

10. Violation of Trust (6b+)
Original classic with thuggy roof to easy moves above.

11. Lip Service (6b)
Awkward overlap

12. So Gross E(6b)
Different finish to Lip Service

The Pink Panther (5)
The deep chimney above the half-height break gained from So Gross

13. Crocker’s Ash (7a+)
arête with desperate starting moves gradual easing.

14. Gobbo Wuz Yer (6c+)
left side of arête with difficult start and middle.

15. Let’s Hear it for Lorenzo (6b+)
Difficult start with badly positioned BR

To the left lies an area of slabs and grooves, the home to a number of excellent routes in the lower grades. These routes will doubtless become popular in the not too distant future though in general they carry little if any fixed gear. Their varied lineage may also prove a little confusing on first acquaintance but close scrutiny of the diagram (see Genetics Sector) in conjunction with the route descriptions will make things a little less confusing.