Crawl Buttress

An impressive buttress standing out from the rest of the cliff. Crossing relies on a little care but is relatively straightforward.

In Dung E2 5b shallow groove, overhang and corner right of Latest Craze.

1. Latest Craze (7b+) ★★ barn-door arete with technical moves. Rebolted

2. Good Jab’ (7a+) ★ technical moves right under the roof to exposed finish. Rebolted

3. Lounge Lizard Leisure Suit (6c+) ★ varied climbing centred on the main feature of the front face. Rebolted

4. Just Too Hot (7b) ★★ superb open face climbing, fingery and technical - bolt belay on the ledge below. Rebolted

5. Time Was Once on my Side (7c) ★ front face of buttress with desperate and height-dependant finale.

6. Too Hot to Touch (7b) ★★★ best route on the Escarpment based around the left arete. Rebolted

7. B’stard (7a+)★ tries to climb the right wall of the corner. Easier if holds used in groove to left (6c+) Rebolted

8. The Forest (7b) right-hand line through the desperate roof stack. Rebolted

9. Really Big Sur (7c) ★★ central and hardest line. Desperate. Rebolted

10. Frisco Disco (7a+) ★ easier left-hand line but still packs a punch. Rebolted

11. Trishna E1 5b the shallow groove above the doctored tree

12 Craters of Mono (7a) ★ technical start with trickier moves above. Rebolted

13. Breast Stroke in a D Cup (7a+) ★ desperate struggle around right end of roof. Rebolted

14. The Gnarliest (7b+) Even harder round the centre of the roof. Aptly named. Rebolted

15. Snaffel Attack (7b) ★ the narrows but the holds run out. Thin fingers an asset. Rebolted

16 Damn Snaffelhounds E4 6a bolder and harder than it looks via vague crack system.

Rooney's Foot E5 6a the dynamic left arete of Crawl Wall.

Dear Prudence (6b) short wall and blunbt arete with two big pulls.

17. Jurisprudence E2 5b pleasant little arete on left (not on topo)