Ramsgrove to 3rd Sister


A super selection of cliffs scattered along the coastline. There is a wealth of low to mid grade climbing here…with one or two harder routes…with plenty sunny access, relatively easy access…a fifteen minute walk…and away from the crowds.


From the parking in Mewslade - please make payment in honesty box - follow the coast path through the farm and a couple of gates before striking down via a vague seaward path to a gate atop a long gully leading down to the sea. Go through this and over the stile. For Ramsgrove and Saddam’s Wall continue directly down the gully ahead to reach a level path- Saddam’s Walls is back and to the left - which leads down to the sea. Ramsgrove is the last crag on the right. For all of the other cliffs, follow the coast path to identify the appropriate descents to the cliffs.

Ramsgrove map

The Cliffs


A lovely little west facing crag with a number of good low grade 6s and two tougher routes. Easy access, non-tidal, takes little seepage and dries very quickly.

Saddam’s Wall

A good wall tucked away in the back of the gully on the approach to Ramsgrove. Good climbing, northwest facing and dries quickly. Has one of the best 6b+s in the area.

Two and a Half Sister

Some really good high 6s and a number of worthwhile routes in the lower grades. Easy access, west facing and takes very little seepage.

Third Sister

A myriad of cliffs. The Upper Cliff was the original one developed and has two or three really good lower grade 6s, a couple of mid 6s and a number of toucgh problems in the 7s..dries quickly but can be subject to winds. The Middle Cliff has recently been developed and contains a handful of really good mid to high 6s. Easy access and west facing. The Lower Cliff contains a number of lower grade routes, which can be easily combined with the other crags. The Much Lower Cliff is tucked away underneath and contains some tricky problems: short but you can tick a lot in a day.