Third Sister


Another excellent crag with a number of tiers to climb on all offering good routes and climbing. The upper crag gives some tough sport routes in a fine setting; the Middle Tier gives some medium grade sport routes which should become popular whilst the recently added lower wall gives a handful of low grade sport routes in a perfect setting.


The upper walls best gained by continuing the path along the top from Second Sister, through a gate to a grassy path leading down to the right as you face. The crag is the upper tier.

The lower tier can be gained either by traversing along the path below Two and a Half Sister, above an alcove to the foot of the crag just beyond. This can also be gained by following the vague path down and right from the Upper Tier, facing out, around a tight fence and continuing down to the lower tier beyond.

Uprising, 7a

Gary Gibson on the first ascent of Uprising (7a). Photo Carl Ryan.

Roy Thomas on the first ascent of 16kn Working Load

Roy Thomas on the first ascent of 16kn Working Load. Photo Carl Ryan.