Cave Area

1. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep E2 5c trad. corner trending right onto the final wall.

2. Direct finish E2 5c

3. Rage (6b) * direct line up the centre of the right wall of the groove. Worthwhile.

4. The Running Man (6b) the thin crackline right again with a tricky overlap. Becoming polished.

4a The Long Walk (6c) left-hand side of arete with sketchy moves low down and a good finale. Tight.

5. The Dark Tower (6b+) * Resurrected line of Gunslinger via vague pillar and overlap. Again worthwhile.

6. The Drawing of the Three (6b+) * easy lower wall with difficult overlap and spacy finish.

7. Willie the Kid (6a) the large excavated corner exiting right. Belay further right.

8. Calamity Jane (6b+) the right wall of the corner keeping on the left-hand side of the arete.

9. Jeff Garat (6a+) the wall just to the right of the arete.

10. The Dogs (6b) central pillar which is hard to keep to the line.

11. Derailed (6b) wall left of cave to a steep and fingery finale. Reachy.

12. Passage of Time (6b) easy to cave, then steep wall above. Hard direct. Use arete on left.

13. The Sewer (6a+) easy rib to steep finish right of cave.

14. Latrine (5) easy groove/ramp.

15. Armitage (6a) the wall and overlap gives pleasant climbing

16. Shanks (6a) a scrappy-looking groove is just that. Has improved.

17. Potty (6a) a steep start is followed by a pleasant wall.

18. Psycho Ceramic (6a+) steep start and fingery overlap.

19. The Bog (6a) the central line staring via a shallow groove.

20. Twyfords (6a+) another wall line to the right. Improving.

21. The Small Room (6a+) the second line left of the shallow flake/groove line

22. Thomas Crapper (6a) the first line of the shallow flake/groove line to a steep finale.

23. Two Loos (4) the shallow flake/groove line gives a pleasant pitch

24. Montezuma's Revenge (6a+) The wall to the right of the corner with one tricky move.

25. Latrec (5) the shallow groove just right again moving left to finish.

26. Toilet Graffiti (5) Starts via a short orange corner to a steeper wall

27. Toilet Humour (5) tricky start and easier above.

28. De Throne (5) shallow groove start right again

29. On Uranus (6a) another shallow corner startto a juggy finish

30. Eau de Toilette (6a) steeper with tricky startto finish on left-hand side of nose

31. Andrex (6b) hard start, then easy

32. Easy Come, Easy Go (3) straightforward climbing after initial pull.