The Slabs
aka Chocolate Blancmange Wall

These are obvious and situated at the back of the quarry, facing you as you walk in. Their appearance is initially not very attractive but the climbing is good open face climbing and easy in the sport climbing grades. Some lines can be climbed as multipitch routes (those with 2 grades) though they can also be climbed as single pitches too. This wall is popular and well climbed on but loose rock is still an issue and wearing a helmet here is a good idea.

The Slabs or Chocolate Blancmange Wall topo

1. Sharing Best Practice (6b)
The prominent arête.

2. Chauvi’s Slab (5+,5+)
The left-hand of two long two pitch slab route.

3. Barney Rubble (5,5+)
The right-hand two pitcher

4. Still Nacht (5+, 5)
The central line of the slab to the right with a one third height belay. It’s new so take a helmet.

5. Neanderthal (5, 5+)
The left-hand line. Currently debolted

6. Trog (4, 5)
The right-hand of two lines based on arête. Difficult moves just above belay on second pitch. Rebolted

7. Men at Work (5)
The long newly created massive corner line can be climbed in two pitches
Dave Williams and David Eaton

8. The Quarrymen (6a)
The set back wall and fine slab above taken on the line of the bolts.

9. Excavator (5+)
The longest and best route. A 60m rope does not get you back to the ground.

10. Slab Cake (4+)
The long line to the right, taking left-hand branch

11. Spare Rib (5)
Branches right off Slab Cake.

12. Crumbs (5)
Obvious new start to Spare Rib.

13. The Cake Walk (5)

14. Christmas Pudding (4+)

15 Sago Slab (4)

16. Dream Topping (4)