Left-hand Walls

The left-hand side of these wall terminates in an impressive orange coloured buttress complete with numerous excavation marks

During the War (6a+) crack in left wall of corner.

1. Before the War (5) the left-hand of two prominent corner lines.

2. Sahara (6b+) arete in back corner of bay. Friable and unpopular.

3. Union Jack (5) right-hand corner

4. African't (6b+) slim heavily scarred wall to the right. Good moves, tricky high up.

5. Desperate Dan (6b) good route up the newly cleaned crack system.

6. Fine and Dandy (6b) zig-zag line above prominent cleaned scoop.

7. African (6b) fine climbing up the twin, thin crack system with a tricky upper bulge

8. Bloodguard (6c) * a direct line from just right. Excellent climbing and a hidden gem..

9. Grab Yer Mandrakes (6b) arete, overhang and face on right above, beginning just to the right.

10. Tirfin Mandrakes (6a+) link pitch between the two. Good moves.

11. Tirfin USA (6a) the corner to the right to a relatively low belay

12. Tirf's High (6a+) right wall of layback corner to the same belay

13. Race of the Freuds (6b+) the thin crack to the right with a tricky overlap to an easier slab.

14. Peckling Fever (5+) short wall, crack and overlap taken leftwards to the same belay as Race of the Freuds

15. Senter Home (5+) slab with hard moves through overlap. A right-hand upper variant is 6a

16. Tirfer Off (6a+) pleasant slab via a shallow groove system.

17. Mailon Sunday (6b) pleasant climbing with a tricky step right and dogleg back left.

18. Bootiful Bernard Matthews (6b) a slim pillar, short steep wall and overlap to a finishing crack .

19. Nowt Taken Out (6b) * obvious corner to tricky finale. Excellent.

20. Fouls Bane (6a) first wall right of long slim corner, actually uses corner on occasions.

21. Drool Rock Worm (6b) the wall to the left of the borehole to the right. Finish alongside tree.

22. Stonethroat (6b+) * Direct line just right of the borehole. Pleasant face climbing.

23. Slay the Gray (6b) slim pillar taken direct.

The central section of the walls can be identified by an elder tree towards the top of the cliff with a prominent borehole beneath it

24. Mr. Cellulite's Arete (6a+) Short sharp arete to the right. Long reach at grade.

25. Bandolier (6a) Long corner line to the right, avoiding ledge on right, has cleaned up.

26. Underslung (6b+) wall to right with low crux and sustained interest above ledge.

27. The Little Thin Mexican around the Border (6b) the wall to the right with awkward moves on the lower. Keep on the left-hand side of the short arete

28. Desperate Measures (6b) line via wall to right with hard moves on right-hand of arete

29. The Mexican Takes Lexicon (6a+) the slim wall to the right direct. Another route that has cleaned up.

30. Exceeding the Speed Limit (6b+) * very pleasant line on wall to the right and in the back of the bay. Just worth grade

31. Mind yer Head (6b) fragile line 2m left of slim corner line. Slowly improving.

32. Desperate Housewives (6a) the slim corner line

33. Collared (6a) the slim pillar to the right with straightforward but sustained moves

34. Spare Rib (6b) vague blunt rib to the right with a hard and devious start

35. Eddie McStiff (6a+) * shallow groove line exiting leftwards and up via easier ground. A good addition.

36. Pelvic Thrust (6b) tricky lower wall via small arete to face above

37. The Hippy, Hippy Shakes (6b) long slim corner line to high belay

38. Due Care and Attention (6a) the crack and slim groove with a new finish.

39. Any Old Iron (6a) left wall of corner via flake and little arete taken as direct as possible

40. Sunday Sport (6b) the obvious slim corner to a belay high up..

41. Austin Powers (6b) slim groove in arete and wall above. Can be combined with the next route.

42. The Big Fat Texan on a Corner (6a+ ) * the white wall to the right keeping as direct to the line of bolts as possible. Popular but harder than expected.

43. He Seems so Sumo (6a) the crakline/shothole to the right gives sustained climbing.

44. Olive Oil (5) the left wall of corner. Worthwhile.

45. Removal Man (5) the chimney in the corner

46. Some Place (6a+) the rack in the right-hand side wall of the corner.

47. Sag Ponir (5) the first crack immediately left of arete