Androids Sector

Horseshoe Quarry - Androids sector

1. Mutley Stole my Route Man (6b)
Replaces Monkey Stole my Walkman which lies at the bottom of the crag.

2. Winter Fingers (6b)
Next line of BRs to right. Keep right of BRs low down.

Broken to Bits (6c+)
Another fragile line to the right.

3. Down to the Last (6b)
Tricky start to shallow groove system.

4. Fragmented (6c)
The shallow groove and blunt rib to a technical finale.

5. Mice Breaker (6b+)
Another shallow groove system left of an arête.

6. Finishing Off (6b+)
Climb the left arête of groove.

7. Spectrophotonomy E2 5b
Obvious groove. Rarely climbed.

8. Fifty Bolts to the Gallon (6a+)
Contrived arête to right via new BRs. Two stiff pulls high up. Poor

9. Like Ice, Like Fire (6a)
Shallow grooves on left-hand side of arête. 2 staple bolts.

10. Galening Crack HVS 5a
The prominent crack in back of a groove. The best trad line in quarry.

11. Compromise E2 5b
The shallow groove, old BRs, and shallow finishing groove.

12. Promises (6a+)
Start up vague arête and continue, with care, past prominent hollow flake.

13. The Rotten Word (6c+)
Line of staples to right. Hard and fingery low down. Finish on arête

14. Decaydance (6c)
Follow the hangers left of prominent cracked pillar to fine open finish on headwall.

*15. A Right Earful (6a+) *
Start up prominent right facing corner and crack line. Swing left onto a ledge and continue to tricky finish.

16. Clean Your Mouth Out (6c+)
Climbs the yellow wall to the roof. Pass this and climb direct up the smooth headwall.

17. The Dust Bunnies (6c+)
Climb above a hole via blunt rib to big move at the top to reach the belay.

18. Dalken Shield (6b)
Climbs the vague arête mostly on its left side to gain the headwall.

19. Hardcore, You Know the Score (6b)
Shallow groove with half-height crux. Becoming polished.

20. The Director’s Cut (6a+)
Direct line via blunt rib formed by shothole. Pleasant. THe ring belay is out right.

21. Bladerunner (6a+)
A fine bold route via the half-height groove.

22. Bruce’s Bonus (6b)
The first route left of the corner is climbed direct.