Long Wall

The Long Wall in Cheedale

Undoubtedly one of Cheedale’s prize assets, Long Wall lies beyond Runyon’s Corner and directly opposite the Embankment: it can be gained from either, the best approach being the stepping stones below the Embankment.

Original development was a slow process with traditional routes by a variety of climbers active in the dale: Gabe Regan, Chris Jackson and Bob Conway and inevitably Gary Gibson. Subsequent to this Chris Wright, Martin Crocker and Dave Pegg added the occasional mixed route but it wasn’t until 1988 when its true potential was realised with the arrival of sports-climbing. Both Keith Sharples and Chris Hardy added a handful of routes which clearly pointed to the future of climbing on this crag. Inevitably in the mid Nineties Gary Gibson returned for a reassessment of the cliffs remaining potential and added a further 11 routes, as well as re-equipping others, to bring the cliff almost up-to-date. Chris Wright and Ian Dunn also weighed in with a route each around the same time.

The rock is of a very compact nature with steep leaning bulges in its central sections with excellent face climbs on its fringes. The majority of routes are sport routes and those that do not have in-situ protection are beginning to fall into disrepair. It doesn’t normally dry out until May and gets the late afternoon sun.