Since Gary Gibson's 'discovery' of the crag in the mid Eighties the Embankment has become the most popular sport crag in the dale with a number of steep and fingery routes. Recent developments have taken this crag to a very 'worked-out' look and there is now little else to do save the odd titbit or the regearing of the odd route.

When to climb there.

This can be one of the first of the bolted crags in the dale to dry out in that it gets the impact of the sun for most of the day. It usually dries out in the spring after a week or so's dry weather and stays dry after that, except in heavy downpours, for most of the year. In the summer months it can be unbearably hot and a very uncomfortable place to climb. It is a good evening venue although it popularity has waned somewhat since the regearing of Max Buttress and Two Tier Buttress.

Rock type.

Due it popularity this fragile crag has toughened up although the occasional hold does part company with the 'mother rock'. Some of the routes in the Breamtime area are becoming very polished and somewhat spoilt by their over-popularity.