Harmony Area

1. Backs to the Wall (7a+) ★ Intense sequence on white wall. Fingery.

2. Trailer Trash (6b) a good little warm up

3. Driller Thriller (6b) ★ Sustained exercise through overlaps. Wires required low down?

4. Old Scores (E5 6a) Bold exercise through bulge into vee groove. Little good gear. TRs.

5. The Royal Arch (E3 6a) ★★ Classic climbing off end of flake via slabby and upper overlap.

6 Blue Nine (E4 6b) ★ Direct start to Royal Arch. Bold moves - E5?

7. Waltz in Black (E4 6b) ★★ Classic climb via centre of slabby walls. PR and TRs above.

8. World in Harmony (E2 5b) ★★ Another little gem taking the bold faint crackline.

9. Caught in the Crossfire (E4 6a) ★ The slim pillar between cracklines. Blinkers required.

10. Death on my Tongue (E3 5c) Another bold little route taking the faint crackline.

11. Shadowplay (E1 5c) Minor pitch via 2TRs on right edge of wall.

12. Return of the Gods (E3 5c) ★ The thin crack in the right wall of the corner. Good.