Fog Walls

1. Extreme Ways (7c) ★★ After the roof of Dr Gonzo, follows the lip of the overlaps leftwards. Superb.

2. Project The impressive ivy roof and wall and prow above.

3. Misty Vision (E6 6b) ★★ Right-hand finish to the Fog via overlap.

4. The Fog (E6 6b) ★★★ The striking thin crackline gives a classic, sustained pitch.

5. Gwennan (8a+) ★ the desperately fingery wall left again.

6. Fine Feathered Fink (7b+) ★ Fingery lower wall slightly rightwards, then up onto headwall.

6a. Ring Piece (7b) intense moves through lower overlaps and much easier above.

7. Sticky Toffee (6c+) ★ A boulder problem start and leftwards line up the compact wall.

8. Cured (7b+) ★★ very technical moves onto scooped upper wall.

9. Train to Hell (7c) ★★ very technical sequence into shallow scoop. Fingery!

10. Line of Fire (E5 6a) ★ the bold antithesis of nearby routes.

11. Bolt from the Blue (E6 6c) ★★ desperate moves past the bolt onto the upper face.

12. Back in the Black (7c) ★★★ brilliant face climbing leftwards from Bolt.

13. Elite Syncopations (8a) ★★ the desperately fingery direct start.

14. Punishment of Luxury (E4 6b) ★★ powerful moves up the 'threaded' crackline.

15. It's Yours (7b+) ★ through roof and then leftwards onto the face.

The Sound and the Fury (8b) ★ the desperate overhang and wall to the left.