Access & Layout

The Dinbren cliffs are split into two main walls from a distinctive cleft at the top of the access path. Both walls have distinctive characters and offer a number of climbs both in the sports-climbing category and traditional category. Recent rebolting has helped provide a number of the sport routes with lower-offs and new bolts whilst the trad routes have been improved with new fixed gear on a like for like basis, as per the first ascensionist's wishes.

The Left-Hand Walls

These are by far the most appealing set of walls complete with a number of interesting features and climbs. It is here that some of the hardest and best sport routes in the area can be found. There are also a number of projects underway, not all of which are listed.

These walls get any sunshine from 10pm in the morning which lasts until the late afternoon/early evening. The walls dry relatively quickly although a few stubborn seepage patches can remain.

The Right-Hand Walls

The area for some of the best traditional routes on the crag with the occasional sport route thrown in for good measure. Here lower-offs are in shorter supply and some fixed gear is in the shape of olds pegs and thread - it remains to be seen if these will be replaced.

These walls face in a north-westerly direction and get late afternoon/early evening sunshine and provide a great evening venue if you live local enough.

Please avoid the route Silent Spring between 15th February and 15th July due to a nesting Kestrel and treat the nearby Yew tree with care.