Hydrogen Walls

1. Ripping Yarns (6b) Flake to ledge then blunt arete past TR.

2. Filth Faze (VS 4c) Poor crackline to whitebeam tree.

3. Grooved Arete (6b) ★ The obvious arete between crack and groove.

4. Sally in Pink (VS 4b) ★ Obvious square-cut groove.

5. Crimson Dynamo (E2 5c) Twin cracks and wall to whitebeam tree.

6. Colour Games (E1 5b) ★ Twisting crack, flake and slabby wall.

7. Raging Storm (E3 5c) ★★ Fine climbing via obvious arch exiting right.

Red Storm Risin' (E5 6b) ★★ The superb super direct finish to Raging Storm.

8. Hydrogen (E3 5c) ★★ Technical right arete, dependent on reach.

9. The Devil's Advocate (E3 5c) Steepening groove with small tree.

10. Babble-On is Burning (E4 6b) Front face of pinnacle with BR.

11. Electra Glide (E3 5c) ★ Outside arete of front face of tower.

12. Dawn of Desire (E2 5b) The right arete of the tower.

13. The Buccinator (E3 5c) ★ Thin crack in side wall complete with PR.

14. Cheeky Piece (E3 5b) Right arete of side wall. Bold.

15. Gentle Violence (E3 5c) Slabby wall via crack 5m right of arete.

16. Violent Ratcliffe (E3 6a)