Dynah Walls

1. Humble Hog (E1 5c) Short technical wall via flake high up.

2. Dynah Moe Hum (E4 6b) ★ Faint scoop above water stain gives desperate moves.

3. Out with the New (E4 6b) Bouldery moves via overlap and wall above.

4. The Homecoming (7a) undercutting start, hard, to long pull finale.

5. Waiting for Bayley (6c+) bulge and fingery wall

6. Inaugural Goose Flesh (6c+) Smooth-looking wall above overlap.

7. Just Another Route Name (6c) Up to overlap, step left and through.

8. Heinous Undercling (7a+) The awfully awkward bulges to the right.

9. Just Another Undercling (6c) powerful start and long move finale.

10. Sarcophagus (E2 5b) Wall and thin crack just left of prominent crackline.