Loco Walls

1. Where's the President's Brain (6b+) tricky start to thin crack.

2. Resist and Exist (6b) flake to easier upper wall.

3. Con-Demnation (6c) short and tricky bulge

4. El Loco (E4 6a) ★ Bold moves leftwards to flake. Easy flake. Difficult finish over bulge.

5. Highway (8a) ★★ very technical wall and bulge. Low in grade.

6. El Riconco (8a) ★★ Superb sustained line one small slopers and incuts.

7. Orgasmatron (7c+) ★★ Desperate start onto flakes, then sustained upper walls.

8. El Zapatistas (8b) Desperate all the way via a shallow scoop at 5m

9. The Rivals (7c) ★★ Impressive wall climbing on lower half, start right of bush. Easier above.

10. The Bandits (7c+) ★★ Direct and sustained wall climbing from small alcove with TR.

11. Binary Finary (8b) desperate moves through the overlap and up the wall above

12. Out of Body Experience (8a) ★ mean rightwards line across lip of overhang with crucial heel hook.