Central Buttress 2

Central Buttress Left, Water Cum Jolly

14. La Belle Age E6 6b ★ a bold and tricky wall after a new direct start

15. En Masse Descendre E6 6b ★ Slightly better but still bold with just sufficient situ gear.

16. In Bulk E6 6b ★★ an old test-piece, high in the technical grade but reasonably well protected.

17. Leviathan E6 6b ★ a good wall climb but a bit of a shocker with limited protection and a few creaking flakes.

18. St Paul E2 5c ★★ the old classic gains the long slim groove from the left and climbing it. A short, hard well-protected crux.

19. Pauliac (7c) ★ a 'squeezed in' route with a very hard section above the break.

20. Behemoth E5 6c ★★★ the old classic taking the striking finger crack in the headwall. There is an extremely problematic move on the lower wall, which can be avoided by climbing the direct start to St Paul to the left.

21. That'll do Nicely E5 6b ★ somewhat defunct since the addition of the route to the right and the loss of a couple of pegs. The vague shallow groove in the headwall is gained by a faint groove below.

22. The Treadmill (7b) paradoxical by name and nature. The long sport route to the right tackles a vague pillar with a few wobbly holds. The seventh bolt is hard to clip without a preplaced quickdraw.

23. Fort Knox E5 6a another esoteric climb utilising the stepped corners to the right to gain the headwall via a flake and hanging groove.

24. Fort Knox Direct (7b) ★ perhaps the solution to this area, a sport route splitting the wall directly.

25. The Troll E3 6a, 5a another rarely repeated route traversing under the obvious overhand to reach the right-hand side of the upper wall via a shallow groove.