Red Wall

PLEASE NOTE: A bird restriction exists on this wall and runs from 1st March until 30th June. Also no climbing to the right of the arete of Clematis.

1. Crab Stick (6c) ★ Just right of arete of wall. Sustained climbing finishing rightwards from the fifth BR.

2. Lobster on the Loose (7a) ★ Tricky mantelshelf start. Wall to difficult ramp and steep finish. Rebolted

3. Rapture of the Deep (7a) ★★ Through overlap and technical wall to left side of slab. Slim sustained groove exiting right to belay. Rebolted

4. Subterranean Sidewalk (6c+) ★★ Short arete to start then wall to right-hand side of slab. Vague arete to belay. Airy climbing, sustained but with the crux by the second BR.

5. Dead Man's Fingers (6c+) ★★ Slightly down slope. Superb sustained climbing. New finale added through bulges on right to give an airy finish.

6. The Ancient Mariner (7a) ★★★ Climbs to the top of the wall. A superb route with hard moves at half-height and an 'out there' finish. 70m rope gets you back to the ground.

7. Shipperdy Doo-Dah (7a) ★ Climbs straight with hard moves over overlap and difficult finale.

8. The Deep (6c+) ★ Lower down again. From ledges at 5m climb direct to the via half-height slab BB. 60m rope required.

9. I Saw Three Ships (6c+) ★★ Fine direct pitch to two-thirds height belay. Excellent sustained climbing. 60m rope gets you back down.

10. Ship Dip (6c+) ★★ Direct line with tricky lower wall aiming for shallow groove high up. Superb. 60m rope gets you back down.

11. Mussel Bound (7a) ★★★ At bottom of slop, left of main corner. Left-hand of two grooves then direct line up impending wall. Brilliant and high in grade. 60m rope gets you back down.

12. Long John Codling (7a) ★★ Right-hand of two grooves then wall above. Difficult moves, then leftwards and up to belay. Retrobolted

13. Dead Man's Chest (7a) ★★ superb diagonal of wall requiring 18 quick-draws and an 80. Superb climbing but best done on a quiet day.

Clematis (6b+) the long corner line has now been bolted. Needs some traffic. Retrobolted

Poison Ivy (7a) ★★ the slim side wall right of the corner gives a superb wall pitch with the difficulties just above the 4th BR. Retrobolted and new belay added.

The Day of the Triffids (6b+) ★ the right arete of the wall, mainly on its left-hand side.