Generator Wall

A short wall at right-angles to the crag gives Pete's Pebbledash Palava (5)

1. End of Desire(5) Step onto the sloping ledge, below the obvious arch and semi-mantel onto the flat ledge above. Easy climbing leads to the small pinnacle above and the lower off.

2. Generator Blues (6b+) technical and fingery start on edges and layaways reaches better holds and easier climbing leading to the belay.

3. As Daylight Dies (6b+) ★ make a few tricky moves to reach the hole in the break. Smaller holds up rightwards lead to a sloping ledge and with a few more moves a really good jug. An interesting but easier finish gets you to the lower off.

4. Invisible Control (6c) ★ easy moves up to an undercling at the break, followed by tricky moves around the bulge gain easier ground leading to the lower off.

5. Domination (7a) ★★ pull up to an undercling at the break, then use a series of edges and side pulls to gain easier ground above.

6. Enchanted Nightmare (6c) ★★★ steep moves to reach each the big hole and heave up to a small crimp which allows access to an excellent finger lock at the base of the upper crack. Follow this then head rightwards to the belay.

7. Ascendancy (6c) ★★ ascend the small pinnacle to the break and head for the opposing side pulls in the centre of the wall. Work up these and make a long reach to a good hold, then more easily to the lower off.

8. You Can't Stop Progress (7b) ★ climb steeply to a large slot in the break. Step slightly left and using side pulls ascend to a desperate lurch to the top end of the large sloping ledge. Pull rightwards to finish.

9. Crackdown (6c) ★★ pull up to the break. Use an undercut to reach the thin crackline and follow it by using a series of finger locks. Gain the jug at the base of the sloping ledge. Step awkwardly onto this and balance leftwards onto the tricky upper wall. Your can also finish direct to the right at much the same grade but with a fingery pull.

10. Ember to Inferno (7a+) ★★★ Move up to the break and prepare! Reach up leftwards then back right to reach the blocky hold in the middle of the wall. Using edges and small side pulls gain the unusual 'gritstone-like' sloping ledge. Pull through this to better holds and the lower off.

11. Power Trip (7b) ★★ use an obvious side pull to gain holds at the break. Pull on a mono to reach holds up and left of the crack. A long move to a small edge allows entry to the easier top section.

12. Too Old to Live, Too Young to Die (6b+) ★ thin crackline with difficult sequence to pass second bolt runner.

13.The Generator Game (6c) ★★ Climb Generator Blues to the second bolt. Traverse left with difficulty to better holds, below the protruding ledge on Domination. Cross Enchanted Nightmare and continue on a gradually ascending line to the belay on Ascendancy.

14. End of Days (6c) ★★ Climb Power Trip to the first bolt. Move up and right to the jug on Ember to Inferno and cross the steep wall to the bottom of the diagonal ledge on Crackdown. Traverse this at hand level to cross You Can't Stop Progress and continue on a rising diagonal line to the belay on Ascendancy

15. Damn You (6c) ★ straight up the faint crackline with a tricky start and some long pulls.

16. Spare You (6c+) the left-hand more defined crackline gives an intense series of moves to a flat jug.

17. Bless You (6c) left arete of wall with frustrating finale.