The Blue Lagoon


Blue Lagoon map 1

This enormous abandoned quarry is situated on the edge of Wirksworth, a major feature being two blue pools of unknown depth. There is an amazing amount of exposed rock in the quarry, most of which is in a very poor state. However, this isolated wall is very solid and the routes, although compact, are of top quality.


The wall is mostly vertical and approximately 10m high. Although short, the routes are quite intense with plenty of technical moves and they feel a lot longer. Good technique, stamina and finger strength will come in handy.


The sensible approach is from the small lay-by on the left just after the Limekiln pub in Wirksworth when travelling towards Middleton - please don’t climb over the main gates higher up the road. From the lay-by go straight up between the big stones then straight on for 100m to a small path going up to the right. Go over a trashed fence and then onto a larger fence which you can duck under. Carry on into the quarry passing the main gate on the right. Follow the track leftwards and you will see the obvious smooth-looking wall on the right, tucked away and out of sight of the road.

Quarry Layout

Blue Lagoon map 2 Facing south the wall gets any sun going, except in an evening, and gets very little seepage except after very long spells of wet weather.


Access here is problematic and most of the routes on Generator Wall have had their bolts removed. Although used regularly by dog walkers, please remember that you are not supposed to be in the quarry so its best to always keep a low profile.