Incinerator Wall

The first two routes are situated at the top of the scree slop to the left on a fine grey slab.

1. Funnelly Enough (6c) ★ the central line of the slab gives a fine climb with intricate climbing from the word go.

2. No Fun at All (6b) the right-hand side of the slab with a scary third clip.

3. Burnt Offerings (6c+) the left-hand line of the wall just to the right of the arete requires three long pulls.

4. The Cinderbox (6c) the steep wall left of the shallow groove with a long move at the top.

5. In Sin I Rate Her (6a+) the pleasant shallow groove gives the warm up for the walls.

6. Burnt to a Cinder (7a) the wall and faint groove to the right with long pulls at the top.

7. Charred (6c+) ★ the excellent wall to the right with a few intense moves.

8. Burn Baby Burn (7a) ★ the centre of the wall is sustained and fingery.

9. The Hot Spot (6c) the right-hand arete with the crux situated in the final moves.