Street Cred Walls

Street Cred Area is the collective name given to a group of buttresses in the right-hand corner of the quarry. There are number of pleasant routes worth seeking out for an evening or as a warm-up before visiting Spectre Sector.

Blowing Wind Sector

Situated on the right-hand side of the quarry this fine little wall lies above a prominent green carpet of Sphagnum Moss - an ideal place for a family picnic. Gets the sun until 11.30 am in the summer.

1. Back Draught (6b) right-hand line on wall via tricky starting wall.

2. Blowing Wind (6b) central line via upper groove. A tricky start is rewarded with a tricky finish.

3. Guff it and See (6c) short sharp wall direct to belay. Fingery.

Street Cred. Sector

The name given to the sandy-coloured walls in the top right-hand corner of the area. One classic in the making and a couple of easier routes. Watch out for the Cycle Path!

4. A Hard Shoulder to Cry On (5+) obvious overlapped arete with a hard move to get onto it.

5. Road Rage (6c+) completely innocuous finger crack. Much harder than it looks.

6. Totally Street Cred. (6c+) ★ centre of sandy-coloured wall gives its best route. Sustained but with no hard moves.

7. The Cycle Path (6a+) pleasant arete above freestanding pinnacle. Much better than looks.

Coldfish Sector

Three isolated routes, much longer than anything else on these walls. Two very worthwhile and quite tough pitches, the hardest by far in the quarry.

8. Vertical Fish (6c) long vague white pillar standing in isolation. A good long route requires a bit of traffic.

9. Gutted (7b) ★ very intense and fingery wall through overlap. High in the grade and moves left to join the Coldfish. Mean.

10. The Coldfish (7a+) ★★ the centre of the wall via a hard and technical lower section, a thin crack through an overlap and a much easier upper wall. Well worth seeking out.