Helicopter Quarry

Burning Spirits (6b+), Spectre Walls.

Southern Discomfort (6c+), Spectre Walls.


This crag, which is very easy to locate, is situated on the hillside above the railway station in Matlock. It is obvious by the quarry entrance on the left-hand side of the road when travelling towards Snitterton from the new Sainsburys in Matlock: it is the first layby at the top of the hill just after a left-hand turn.


This is a very expansive quarry with a lot of poor rock. There is, however, a very compact wall on the middle tier complete with an overlap and good quality, high friction rock.


It should be made clear that Tarmac does not consent to any climbing activity on its property and that this site in no way aims to encourage climbers to participate in such activities there.