Tokenism Walls

1. Dinnertime Special (6a) pleasant face. Grade uncertain since loss of flake.

2. Tokenism (6b) ★ centre of face to exciting finale

3. Trotskyism (7a) ★ difficult arete and technical face.

4. Beamsplitter (7a) step side face with two overlaps and crux on headwall.

5. Petrified Laugh (6b+)The left arete of the wall to a tricky finale.

6. A Crinoid Smile (6c+) ★ left-hand side of crozzled face with technical finish.

7. The Giggle Loop (6c) ★ The central crack of the wall gives a few awkward moves low down and a steep and exciting finish on good holds.

8. A Fossil on Fossils (6c) ★ right-hand side of face to technical finale on crustaceans.