Right-Hand Slabs

17. Paracetamol Punch (6b) Pockets to start to gain slab with a bulge above.

18. Ed Less (6a) Deep pocket to pass overhang then slab above.

19. Guillotine (5+) corner above earth bank.

20. Final Cut (6b) R of earth bank. Up left to a pocket then tricky move to slabby arete.

21. Primal Cut (6b) short wall to 'stand up' finale.

22. Razor Strop (6a+) difficult start to ledge then easy.

23. The Puddling (6a) 3m R. Scooped wall to fin and central crack above.

24. Ed More (5) delicate rounded slab and left wall of dirty crack.

25. Aqua Mule Show (5) 1m right again. V groove, short slab and rib above overlap.

26. Known only Unto God (6a+) easy start to face with hard finale to belay.

27. Oolacunta (6a) blunt are line

28. Uber Gruppen Fuhrer (4) easy slab above ledge

There are two further routes over to the right, tucked in behind some trees:

Drift Mine Wall: Get Nutted E2 5c takes twin diagonal crack and ????? (5+) follows the staple line to the right.