Fertility Cave

1. Monkey Business (6a+) ★Rambling route up left side of slab to a finishing arete.

2. Flidington Rex (5+) Poor route moving left to rib from start.

3. Big Bad Baboon (5+) Similarly poor move right to an arete with a blue sling.

4. Orangutarium (6b) ★ The next route direct via a line of staples.

5. Cone Penetration Test (6b+) pockets in the arete to reach a tree.

6. Remediation Required (6b) The cheesy-looking corner gives interesting climbing

7. Fisty Nuts (7b+) ★ the bruising roof crack will leave you scarred

8. Project

9. Fistula (6c+) ★★ superb route via twisting crack and easier but fine headwall.

10. Rabbit Proof Fence (6a+) line of staples right of cave to lip of second overhang.

11. Uluru (6a+) pocketed groove just to the right taking roof on right.

12. Cox 2 Inhibitor (6b+) ★ Direct behind larch tree via pockets and tricky bulge.

Proton Pump (6a) Shallow groove with steep bulge

13. Voltarol Vigour (6a) line of staples to right to higher lower-off.

14. Sucking Dick's Lofenac (5+) the left-hand side of the slab right of the corner.

15. Co-Codamol Crunch (5+) right side of slab to same lower-off.

16. Tramadol Trip (6a) ★ pockets in a faint groove left of a slanting crack.