Upper Tier

1. Polari XXXXX (5+) short wall on left past tree sling.2. Rhondda Tan (5)

3. Steroid Vest (6a) poor crackline4. Back to Black (5+) wall

5. Johnny Bionic (6a) 6. Slabadabadoo (5+) 7. Fisting the night away (5+)

8. Paul Prefers Pretty Pussy (6a+) arete with crack 9. Monkey Stole my Face(6a+) crackline

10. Balls of Damocles (6b) ★ grit-like wall. 11. Boy George V (6a+) vague crackline

12. Rent Boys and Radiators (6a+) shothole line

13. We Like Damp Beaver (6b) ★ centre of wall.

Name not Known (6b) rib and pleasant wall to its left.

14. The Pleasant Mount (6c+) ★ left-hand side of wall via technical hanging scoop.

15. Mounting at the Edge (6b+) ★ right-hand side of wall.

16. Man in a Honda over Yonder in Rhondda (6b) ★left-hand side of arete to mean finale.

17. Poke Her Face (6a) blunt rib

18. Over the Top (6a) bulge and slab above ledge.

19 Bull Camp (6a) ★ shallow groove and slab. 20. Henry Allingham (5) crackline

21. Harry Patch (6a) crackline to silly finish. 22. Chloe's Crack (5+)

23. Emiliano Mercado de Toro (?) 24. Bonaroo Lally Tappers (5) left-hand side of arete.

25. Meat Fly versus Custard's Canon (5) right-hand side.