Shipwreck Cove

This is the first cove gained when traversing the beach east from the foot of the path from the car park at Rhossilli. It can be gained up to 3-4 hours before low tide.

1. Stuart's Line LH finish (6c) ★ takes the hard finale out

2. Stuart's Line (6c+) ★★ a good introduction to the steep climbing hereabouts

3. Mutiny Crack E4 6a ★ the leaning crack via an alcove

4. Wrecking Ball (7b) ★★ a thin crack and steep climbing leads to a complex finish

5. Attrition E5 6a ★ the leaning right to left crack has an even steeper finale

6. Marine Layer (7a+) ★★★ a fine and complex pitch with some great climbing

7. One Ton Depot (7b+) ★★★ a brilliant route with sustained climbing, some good shakeouts and a crux finale

8. Vennerne (7c+) ★★★ another classic with a definite boulder problem overlap but plenty above and below

9. Air Show (8a+) ★★★ A wild stamina fest with some hard moves as well

10. Helvetia (8b+) ★★★ hard at the bottom and doesn't let up to the top.

11. Delta Dagger (8a) ★★ steep, good holds and complex

12. Cannonade (7c+) ★★ knee bars, a low crux and a difficult move over the lip

Achilles' Wrath (8b) ★★★ the obvious line of bolts leftwards through the overlap. Where your knee pads!

King George vs the Suffragettes (7a+) ★★ a hard start and some impressive moves through the roofs

1. Blockiness (6c+) ★★★

2. Sandman (6b) ★

3. Par 3 (6c) ★★

4. John's Route (6b) ★★ passes the small cave on the L side

5. First Handout (6a+) ★

6. Hand Shandy / Make a Splash (6a+)