Sinners Walls

Situated about 200m further on than Black Wall right, this bay of rock is easily reached by the obvious fisherman’s path: it lies about 200m before the building atop the cliffs. It has a handful of good little routes.

Sinners Walls topo

1. Devil May Care (6c+)
The left wall via some very long moves.

2. Transgressor’s Groove (5)
The slabby corner has a short tricky section.

3. Butcher’s Slab (6a)
The slabby wall with a tricky finale

4. Repentancearête (6b+)
The right-hand side of the arête gained from the corner on the right.

5. Stepped Corner (6b)
just that and awkward.

6. Sin Bin (6b)
The arête, mantelshelf and face with a long reach to the belay.

Scintillate (6a+)
The obvious flake to join Sin Bin at the ledge.

Forgiveness (6b)
A huge clacite crystal leads to a steep flake and joining Sin Bin after the roof.

7. Father Confessor (6b)
The pillar/arête to a horrible finish.

Sin fear (4+)
Corner crack, nice bridging. The belay can be gained WITHOUT the use of large jammed blocks in the chiminey.

8. Sinbad (6b)
The stepped roof with a balancy section on the slab

9. Sinus (6b)
Another of the same with a hard start.

10. Synthesizer Slab (6b)
The lovely delicate slab

Devilment (4)
Short arête leading to pleasant stepped groove.

11. For ye who has sinned…. (6c)
Left-hand side of the lower wall with a hard move to finish.

The Seven Deadly Sins (6c+)
Line between the two after first bolt of Wages. Use belay on left.

12. Wages of Sin (6c+)
Short intense wall with two difficult sections.

13. The Sinner Man (7b)
A desperate sequence on small slots and a rounded finale. Harder for the short.