Seaman Walls

These are the series on walls just beyond Castaway Cove and can be reached up to 2-3 hours before low tide.

Seaman Walls topo

Bored of Toad Hall (6a)
An isolated slabby face with a steep start.

1. The King’s Shilling (6b)
An overhanging crack full of barnacles to start.

2. Captain Jaque Hoff (6b+)
The fine overhanging line right again.

3. Concrete Cows (6a)
Starts up a corner via a tricky overlap.

4. Smeaton’s Stump (5+)
Gain the corner from the right and easier ground above.

5. Good Ship Venus (5+)
The face right of the corner moving left.

6. Lamisil (6a)
crack, overlap and short headwall.

7. Zetuwit (6b)
Immaculate black wall.

8. Atraumen (5)
Shallow black groove.

9. El Cino (4)
Shallow groove.

10. Frappucino (4)
Shallow groove and prominent black slab.

11. Pure Cino (4)
Excellent blunt rib and face.

12. Giraffacino (5)
Easier slab and final overhang.

13. Elephantacino (6a)
Another black slab and overlap.

14. Catapult (4)
The square cut rib.

15. Shengen (4)
The wall right again.

16. Border Control (4)
The fine wall right again.

17. Checkpoint Checkout (5)
The fine slim black groove.

18. Andre Marriner (5)
The faint black groove gained from the left.

19. My Maid’s Mermaid (5)
The short black corner.

20. Marinieri (6a+)
The black wall right again.

Seaman Walls RH topo

1. Black Sea Shanty (5)
Easy wall to pleasant shallow groove.

2. Sea Shanty Rib (4)
B lunt rib to tricky clip of belay.

3. Seaman’s Sea Shanty (5)
arête and shallow groove.

4. Seaman in the Groove (5)
Excellent shallow groove.

5. Them’s be Barnacles, Them’s Be (6a)
Excellent arête finishing to belay on right.

6. No Tar (5)
Good right-hand variant.

7. Operation Seaman (5)
right arête of chimney.

8. Me Harty’s (4)
Pleasant rib and fine black wall.

9. Seaman Limbo (6a)
Excellent right arête of wall.

10. Kickback Tar (4)
wall and shallow black groove.

11. Barnacle Thrill (6a)
Fine sidewall of chimney.

12. Whispering Whelks (4)
Pleasant blunt rib.

13. Pump my Bilge (6a)
wall and overhang tucked into back of recess.

14. All Hands on the Stop Cocks (3)
Easy wall and pleasant rib.