Pwll Ddu Bay Topo

1. Swept Away (6a+) grubby left-hand line 2. Clean Up (6a) leftwards line.

3. Ashes to Ashes (6c) ★★ long shallow groove line

4. Decades Apart (6c) ★★ line of cracks up leaning wall.

5. Fort for Three E5 6b (7b) ★ a single very technical move with difficult clips and off-balance climbing. Fingery.

6. Chimera (7c) ★★ desperate continuation.

7. Senser (part 1) (7b+) ★★ short, sharp shock treatment. Snatchy climbing for the fingery crux. Senser (7c+) ★★★ the first claimed 8a in South East Wales but now 7c+. Sustained with a bad sixth clip. A magnificent sustained effort.

8. Jezebel (7a+) ★★ an excellent introduction to the harder sport climbs. Easily up the groove with a fine, reachy finish.

9. Crock Block (6c) ★ Steep and relatively juggy.

10. Old Slapper (7a+) a hideous little route with a desperate and very trying start.

11. Skedaddle (7a+) desperate snatchy climbing.

12. The Flight of Icarus (6c) ★★ the prominent layback crack.

13. St Elmo's Fire (6a+) links left across the wall from the next route.

14. Cat Nap (6a+) the groove above.

15. Power Nap (7a) technical climbing with a single bolt belay.

16. Snooze Control (5+) leads into a short groove high up. The groove above is dirty.

17. Sleep Easy (7b) hard high up since loss of hold.

18. R.E.M. Sleep (5+) leads into a groove with a thread

19. White Slider (6a+) the cleaned slab slinking rightwards.

20. Project

21. Miami Vice (6b+) Start from the right (6c direct) onto the slabby face.

22. Coronal Discharge (6a+) Gains a square-cut niche

23. Wakey Wakey (6a) deceptively difficult climbing

24. Sleep Over (5) the final wall on the right.