Minchin Access


From the National Trust car park at Southgate head east along the coast path on the very rim of the cliff top for 300m past the first and small of two rocky outcrops to the second, identifiable by a rocky ridge plunging seawards. Just below and at sea-level will be seen a break in the coastline. Descend directly to this and all will be revealed: a more prominent path descends down the right-hand side, facing out, of the rocky ridge from where a traverse leftwards, again facing out leads to the zawn.


This can be made down either side of the zawn to good platforms on either side. For the sake of a discreet access take your rucksacs into the zawn in order that they cannot be seen from coastal path.


Acess to this superb cliff has now been agreed but all of the routes currently deboled should remain so.