Mermaid Walls

This is the final wall of the sport cliffs on Rhossilli beach and can be found by continuing round past Seaman Walls to reach the long and very pleasant face: it can only be reached 2 hours before low tide.

1. Cross Word Pizzle (4) leftmost line on the low-angled slabs

2. Land Lubber (4) easy climbing to the lower off

3. The Naughty Corner (4) a slight corner moving right to the belay

4. Ursula (4) the slabby wall right again

5. Caesg (4) via a series of cracks

6. Turtle Apocalypse (4) more of the same just right

7. No Father Day (5) the slab past an obvious crystal pocket

8. Lara (5) ★ the right edge of the slender groove

9. Scurvy Dog (5+) ★ the centre of the pillar left of the cutaway

10. Crimp Paddle (6b+) ★★ pulls out left of the next route and up above the cutaway

11. Paternal Love (6b) ★ straight up above Crimp Paddle

12. Bye Dad (6b+) ★★ fine climbing up the centre of the pillar

13. Filial Duty (5+) the right-hand side of the pillar

14. Fought to the Day (5+) the hanging groove right of the pillar

15. This Vicar's Tea Party (6b+) the sidewall to join the next route

16. Stingray (6c) ★ through the block overhang with bouldery moves

17. Lemon Soul (6a) ★★ the arete and face finishing via the hanging groove on the left

18. A Mermaid Tale (5) ★★ left of the chimney moving into the finishing groove

19. Dawson's Corner (5) the exposed corner on great holds

20. Dawson's Creek (5) ★★ finishes direct

21. Fistful of Tenners (4) the front of the excellent narrow pillar

22. Under the Mattress (6a+) ★★ climbs via a high roof onto the upper wall

23. Cash in the Attic (5) ★★ the slight bulge and upper wall

24. Holds may Spin (5) ★ climbs via a slight corner and finishes leftwards

25. Probate Pending (3) left of some easy cracks

26. Psygod WibblyWobbly (5) the short wall

27. Names from Rogers Profanasaurus (5) above a ledge

28. Al Perchino (4) easy wall

29. Scuttle (4) just right again

30. The Trevena Fish Hotel (4) the long slabby pitch left of the cave/corner

1. Project

2. The Naughty Step (6a) moves right above the cave to climb a slim corner

3. A Mermaid's Footwork (6b) left-hand line up pillar

4. Flounder (6b) ★ the right-hand line

5. Somewhere in a Smile She Knows (6b+) ★ the centre of the leaning pillar

6. Besetting Fears (6a) ★ the pocketed pillar to the right joining 5

7. Horse Flavoured Shadows (5+) the arete above the large ledge

8. Triton (5) has two finishes