Foxhole Topo

Fox Hole topo, The Gower

The crag forms a large cave towards its left-hand side, the first routes being on the prominent grey pillar.

The first 4 routes a just off the topo a few metres to the left.

Never Out-Fox the Fox (5)
Climb the black slab starting from a grassy bank. Follow the break up and left then climb the wall above.

Cunning Little Fox (5)
Start right the black slab. Climb up to a groove and follow this to a ramp on the left. From the top of the ramp climb straight up to the belay.

Vulpes V ulpes (5)
As for the previous route but instead of taking the ramp follow the juggy groove line all the way.

Vulpix (4+)
A pleasant exercise in bridging up the cleaned runnel to the left of Basis Brush.

1. Basil Brush (4+)
The first and easiest route on the crag.

2. Unholy Alliance (6a+)
Steep open climbing. A good warm up for the harder routes.

3. Marmalade Skies (7a)
An eliminate line up the steep orangey streak.

4. Connard Canard (7b)
A very steep line up a grey streak. Two hard moves compliant on a long reach and a strong left arm.

5. Goose ’n Lucy (6c+) ★★★
Magnificent jug pulling up the right-hand side of the pillar, almost in the cave. A hard start and complex finish.

6. Lucky Lizzy (6c+)
A link up joining Goose’n’Lucy with the top of Pioneers... From the belay on Goose.. move right to finish up Pioneers...

7. Surplomb De Ray (8b) ★★
Battle through the overhang to the tufa jug on on Pioneers.. and finish up that route.

8. Pioneers of the Hypnotic Groove (7b) ★★★
Brilliant sustained climbing up the groove at the back of the cave. One badly placed bolt and lots of effort required.

9. Salva Mea (8a) ★★★
Start at a yellow wall at the edge of the cave. Climb to a jug halfway and climb steeply up an left to the slab. Lower off on Palace...

L’Enigma et le Renard (8a)
Links Palace.. into Salva Mea from the second bolt on the former.

10. Palace of Swords Reversed (8a) ★★
Powerful. Two vicious moves on the alarmingly overhanging wall.

11. Chicken Licken (6c+)
A short, sharp shock up the overhanging arête.

12. Foxy Lady (7a) ★★
A magnificent route. Climb the left arête to a ledge then continue up lefthand line of bolts on the head wall. You can also start up Chicken Licken to get Foxy Chicken (7a+).

13. No Epoxy Au Oxley (6b+)
Climb Foxy Lady to grassy ledges and follow these leftwards to join Pioneers of the Hypnotic Groove. Finish up this.

14. Gypsy Eyes (6b+)
As the last route but climb the headwall to the right of Pioneers..

15. Little Miss Lover (7a)
Climb Foxy Lady to the grassy ledge. Move left to some comglomorate and climb the wall left of this.

16. The Hooker (7a) ★★
Another superb sustained pitch with a sting in the tail. Start up Foxy Lady to the ledge and take the first line of bolts from the right.

17. Joy de Viva (7a+) ★★★
A magnificent direct pitch, sustained and fingery but still low in its respective grade. A long reach helps.

18. Fowl Play (7b) ★★
Start up Chicken Licken to the fourth bolt. Move right and onto Joy de Viva. Follow this for a few moves then move right again before climbing straight up the headwall. Marked in red for clarity.

19. Power Struggle (7b+) ★★
A fine fingery pitch on crisp little edges and side-pulls. A long reach helps after a peculiar start.

20. Ducky Lucky (7a+) ★★
Superb climbing with a long reach or a very technical move. Still low in the grade.

21. The Day the Sky Fell In (6b+)
Pleasant jug-pulling warm up on fringes of wall.

The following 3 routes are leftward rising traverses.

23. Poulty in Motion (7b+) ★★★
Take a leftwards exit from the third bolt of The Day the Sky Fell In and follow the rising traverse line across Ducky Lucky, Power Struggle and the other routes all the way to the belay of Foxy Lady. Pumpy.

Turkey Lurking (7c) ★★
A shorter version of Poultry.. starting up Power Struggle. From the fourth bolt on Power Struggle break out left to continue as for the previous route.

24. Where the Fox That? (7b+) ★★
Climb The Day the Sky Fell In to the break just below the top and follow this leftwards to the lower off on Joy de Viva.

To the right of the main crag is a big slab. This had one sport route while the wall to its right has one more.

25. Easter Rising (5)
Over to the right is this pleasant slab climb featuring a hard rockover and a delicate finish.

Evening Primrose (5)
Climb the steep wall right of the slab via a series of juggy holds.