Calcite Bay

Situated about 200m further on than Black Wall right, this bay of rock is easily reached by the obvious fisherman's path down to Sinners Wall and then working back north: it lies about 200m before the building atop the cliffs. It has a handful of good little routes. It can also be gained by traversing south from Black Wall

1. Mutton Geoff (6b+) ★★ a jug-fest wall with a hard move onto and up the headwall

2. Lambs to the Slaughter (7a) ★ the right-hand line with a trying boulder problem onto the headwall

3. Minnie Me (4) the short left-hand line

4. Minnie You (5) the right-hand line

5. Calcitron (5) the left-hand line past a small ledge

6. Calcite Crunch (6b+) the surprisingly hold ridden wall with a hard finish 7. Calcite Punch (6b+) right-hand start

8. Crinoid Crimper (5) the crinkled wall

9. Just 2 Mohs (5) the flake line and pleasant rib

10. Low on the Hardness Scale (5) the juggy right-hand line

11. Calcite Crack 'n Up (6a+) the thin crack on the left side of the side wall

12. Drill Your Own (6b) ★ the harder central line

13. Calcitaclone (6b) the right-hand line, still technical