Black Wall Right

Situated approximately 150 east of Trial Wall, this excellent new find sits on the rim of the coastline and can easily be seen from above. An good path on its eastern side brings you to the wall relatively easily. It has a number of pleasant face climbs on good rock.

1. Spittle and Spume (6c) the blunt technical rib right of the slim corner taken direct.

2. Fiff and Faff VS 5a the obvious jamming crack to the belay

3. Footsie (6a) short but pleasant climbing off the right side of the platform

4. Pied Noir (6c+) the short corner and tough technical slab above

5. Wonderful Land (6c) ★ a fine route direct up the slab with a tricky start

6. Monica Dress (5+) ★ excellent climbing via a short angled corner and twin cracks above

7. Spit it Out(6a) the hanging corner complete wit flake

8. Black Friday (7a) the desperate face to the right requires a humungous reach

9. Can't Swallow That (5a) the crackline on the right trending left at the top to the belay

Joe's Route VS 4c the right-hand crack to a ledge. You could finish up the arete. No belay stakes

10. The Beautiful People (6a+) ★ the left-hand side of the excellent arete

11. Spit'n Polish (6a) the right-hand side of the arete via a groove

12. Spic and Span (6a) the slabby face and arete to the right

The slab down and to the right gives four pleasant face climbs

1. Fat end of the Veg (4) left-hand arete

2. Vegazzle (5) the pleasant line to the right

3. Meat and Two Veg (5+) ★ the next and best line?

4. Veginismus (6a) the right-hand line using the small corner.