Barlands topo

1. Jap's Eye (6a+) Easy slab culminating in crux finale.

2. Cheesy Flaps (5+) Easiest on slab via prominent 'shotholes'.

3. Double Dutch (6c) Hard start to small cave, then excellent slab above.

4. Miss You (6c) ★ Pleasant intro to harder slab climbing. Tricky start and finish viaright-hand side of hole.

5. Rotbeest (7b+) ★ Move left out of Wandelanden Tak to make desperate 'smeary' moves directly to the BB.

6. Wandelanden Tak (7a) ★★ A superb direct pitch with fine technical intricacies throughout.

7. Geef Onze Fietsen Terug (6c+, 6a+) ★★ A very fine two pitch route:

  1. The best pitch on the lower wall moving leftwards at its top to gain the BB of Wandelanden Tak.
  2. An excellent up pitch via the left-hand side of the prominent upper overlap. This can also be gained by a traverse from the right from the belay of Don't Gism etc.

8. Stoeipoesje (7a) ★★ More fine technical intricacies direct to a chain BB.

9. Wij Zitten Nog (6b+) A fine little route straight up just left of a prominent thin crackline.

10. Stinking of Fish (6a+) The straight thin crack provides an alternative start to 11

11. Don't Gism on My Sofa E1 5a,5c ★★ Another excellent two pitch route up the slab with a particularly worthwhile second pitch. The first pitch can also be used as an easy route in its own right. 1) The ramp leads leftwards to a BB. 2) Take the slab above, tricky 5m above, to gain the overlap. Pull through leftwards onto the superb, airy upper slab. It is possible to lower-off from the belay back to half-height or the belay on Wandelanden Tak for its top pitch.

12. Ik Kan Mijn Ei Niet Kwejt (7a+) Superb climbing to a final difficult leftwards exit.