Coed Ely topo

1. Lager Lout E1 5c Short wall with single BR. Poor.

2. Alements E2 5c Left-hand line of two on wall to the right.

3. Scandal E3 6a Centre of wall above the canabis leaf finishing leftwards.

4. Tall, Dark and Handsome (6c) Slim wall via sharp edge high up.

5. Campaign for See-Through Bikinis E2 5b Crackline bounding left-hand side of main wall.

6. Young, Free and Single (6c+) ★★ Left-hand of three lines on main wall. Uphill.

7. The Uninvited (7a) ★★ The central line provides the best climbing in the quarry with a tricky start.

8. Behind the Lines (6c+) ★ Right-hand of trio.