Stone Wings Cliff

A superb wall, overhanging in its left half with sustained routes to match, and easier angled to the right with some delicate face routes.

1. Liassic Lark (6c+) ★ jamming crack with a tough bulge. Can be greasy early in season.

2. In Search of Bedrock (7a) ★ natural continuation via groove system. Sustained.

3. Help, Help Me Rhondda (7c) ★ desperate, fingery sequence though short.

4. Project

5. This God is Mine (7b+) ★★★ classic. Sustained and fingery via the obvious thin crackline.

6. Masada (8a) ★★★ desperate face route, hardest in area.

7. Stone Wings E5 6a ★★ superb, traditional crack climb.

8. The Uninvited Guest (7b) ★★ short but very technical sequence to gain groove. Friend 3 needed.

9. Staple Diet (7b) ★★★ superb overhanging groove and crack. Sustained, not over-technical. A big pump.

10. Tragic Moustache (7a) ★ hard start and finish. Fine face in between.

11. Five O'Clock Shadow (6c+) ★★ superb face climbing. Very technical in middle.

12. Pelagic Mush (6a+) easiest route on crag so far. Pleasantly sustained. Not: not marked on diagram.

13. Sideburn (6b) short hard section, easier with long reach. Note: not marked on diagram.

14. Magic Touch (6b) ★ excellent diagonal face climb. Not originally bolted!

15. Spear the Bearded Clam (6b) new right-hand route since disappearance of block. Not on diagram.