West Slabs

These are gained by continuing along the track through a muddy section. After 300 yards the slabs appear on the right.

1. The Bony King of Nowhere (5+) the leftmost route left of a clump of ivy. Poor.

2. Once Upon a Time (6a) just to the right of the ivy. Needs traffic.

3. Can the Can (6c) the first of the technical slabs moving back to finish.

4. Palm (7a) ★ the left-centre of the slab via a vague orange depression.

5. Neil Kinnock's Last Stand (7a+) ★ the most technical route up the centre of the slab.

6. Chinese Whispers (6b+) perhaps the warm up for the harder routes on the right-hand side of the slab.

7. Glenys Encounters her First Limp Member (6a) the right-hand edge of the slab. The first ascensionist is clearly in need of help!