Right Quarry

1. Mega Mix (5) pleasant slab to tricky bulge and exit.

2. Gwest y Gymru 7 Inch Mix (6b) ★ pleasant grey rib with slopers and awkward holds. Worthwhile.

3. The Twelve Inch Version! (7a) short problem type route with slopers and edges.

4. Daggers (6c) ★★ excellent intricate face route with hidden holds and pleasant moves.

5. Look Over Yonder (7a) ★★ similar to its neighbour but a notch higher in difficulty.

6. Wet Afternoon (7b+) ★★ very technical face climbing with unusual moves and a scary fourthclip. A 'sprag' provides the key.

7. Name Unknown (6b) open groove gained via lower wall. Unusual. Needs traffic.

8. Ulrika Ka kA kA (6c+) ★ long route (70m rope) via obvious 'hollowed scoop' short steep wall and fine technical headwall right of Rancho La Cha Cha Cha.

9. D'ya Hear Ma Dear (6a+) ★ very pleasant climbing with easy start and left-hand side of barrel-shaped rib.

10. Good Gear, Good Cheer (6b) ★ pleasant blunt rib with one difficult move, slightly harder since loss of a hold.

11. No Beer, No Fear (6a+) ★ again enjoyable aiming for the obvious groove with a red right wall.

12. Not my Fault! (6c+) two boulder problem squeezed onto the wall and rib. Contrived.

13. Id-iot (6b) ★ again excellent. A technical lower move and fine above.

14. CJD (6b) ★ very pleasant climbing with a technical middle section.

15. Get Down on This (6b) ★ again good. Difficult through upper overlap.

16. Get Thee Hence (6c+) short but super technical blunt rib.

17. Unnamed (6c) more of the same via a faint crack.

18. Unnamed (6c+) final blank-looking wall.

19. Talk about False Gods (7b+) weetabix-like wall above.