Gilwern Preliminary

Health Freak (5) tiny route to the left

15 Cod Liver Oil (6b) ★ pleasant face with moves right to the central belay

16 Glucosamine and Chondroitin (6c) ★★ the direct line has a fluttery start and difficult central section

Green Energy (7a+) the black scoop clipping the bolts on the left. Very contrived.

17 Fuelled by Pies (7a+) ★ very technical face climbing

18 Johnny Takes a Tumble (6a) ★ the right-hand line follows a crack before moving left to belay

The House that Jack Built (6a) the short wall and small overhang to the right

19 Snap Crackle 'n' Pop (6a) very pleasant face climbing on the slabby wall

20 White Noise (5) the faint crackline

The Road to Nowhere (5) the flowstone to the right

21 Back, Crack and Sack (5) ★ the next, rightwards-trending crackline

22 Take me up the Hindu Kush (5+) easy climbing with a difficult finish

23 To Dai or not to Dai (5+) similar to the last route with hardest at the end

24 Brittle Biscuit (4+) ★ great rock on the right-hand side of the wall.

Tad (5), Smidgen (5) and Scintilla (5) are three tiny routes to the right.

25 Under a Blood Red Sky (5+) ★ the final isolated wall

The Event Horizon (6a) the line of bolts starting via the left wall of the corner