Terrace Cliff

1. Academy Awards (6c) ★ fine face after a meaty start over the low-level roof - can be avoided from the terrace above by coming in from the right, BB. The groove above is the real crux.

2. Dream Academy (6c) ★★ a classic slab and face climb, well worth doing. Two technical cruxes, one at half-height the other right at the end of the pitch.

3. El Camino Del Roy (6c+) ★ another very worthwhile pitch via the obvious sharp, in more ways than one, groove. Much harder than it looks.

4. Danny La Rue (7a+) a squeezed in pitch, not without interest. Sustained climbing, no real crux, but a few fragile holds remain.

5. Incidentally X (7b) ★★ a much changed route since the demise of a large flake. Superb climbing with a particularly trying crux rock-over. Other alternatives have yet to be found.

6. Tortilla Flats (7b) ★★ a superb addition over very unlikely terrain left of the cave. Sustained with good holds. Lower off the last BR because the finish remains fragile.

7. Pour Marcel (7b) ★★ fine, sustained climbing right of the cave with a dynamic or powerful crux according to taste.

8. Brazilian Blend (6c+) ★★ another excellent route, the best right of the cave. Sustained, pleasantly technical and with an airy crux.

9. Sverige (7a) ★ slightly straightened out from the original line. Two very technical sections with a good rest in between.

10. Ma's Strict (7a+) ★ direct line through overlaps. Surprisingly difficult. Long reaches help as do strong fingers and a sense of direction!

11. Breakout (6c) ★ a fine upper section after an easy start. The difficulties are nowhere excessive if you can pick your way amongst the ivy strands.

12. Vitamin Z (7a) the start of Breakout takes you higher to this more technical offering. Yet to be re-re-stripped of ivy and rebolted.